Thursday, November 10, 2005

College Freshman In The Know
“The D.C. in Washington, D.C.? Read what young scholars say.
Roosters © News ® Agency ™ Updated Nov. 10, 2005

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a random polling of collegiate freshman, The Roosters Opinion Poll has uncovered what could be the most disturbing report to come out of Ivy League Colleges since it was revealed that George Bush attended and graduated from one.

Freshman students at Harverd, Yail, Printston and Brownie were asked the following questions by Roosters Polling Service, and be warned; the answers are odd and a bit icky.

A) What does the DC in Washington, DC stand for?
· 27% said, “Dick Cheney?”
· 25% said, “Da City?”
· 20% said, “Defense Central”
· 18% said, “Don’t Care”
· 10% said, “Is that the capital of Washington State or the state?”

B) Who is President Bush?
· 94% said, “New porn star?”
· 6% said, “President of something, right?

C) Southpark is…?
· 91 % said, “In Colorado”
· 9 % said, “Where gays go to cruise for sex.”

D) What is the capital of Florida?
· 50 % said, “Florida isn’t a country”
· 42% said, “Anita Bryant.”
· 8 % said, “The Citrus Bowl”

E) What school are you attending right now?
· 99% had no answer
· 1% said, “I haven’t gotten a bill yet, so how should I know?”


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