Monday, January 09, 2006


Movieplex X’s Love Story
“Let’s tell young people there is something wrong with true love”.
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Somewhere, UTAH – A movieplex outside of Salt Lake City announced late last week their decision to not play the love story epic, “Brokeback Mountain”; obviously reflecting the lack of intelligence of its management. How could management book the movie and then cancel the showing on the day it was too start? By not knowing anything about movies in general. “Brokeback” has already won numerous awards and is nominated for seven Golden Globes, including Best Picture.

According to an official statement by management, they wanted to show young people there is something wrong with this story. But of course, showing movies like “Hostel” where innocent people are tortured to their deaths is permissible. Perhaps management could say, “There is nothing wrong with showing innocent people slaughtered for no reason, but there is something wrong with two people in love. We are outstanding Americans who are concerned for the well-being of youth, and make no mistake about our intentions: “Murdering innocent people, nothing wrong with that: Two people in love, BIG TIME PROBLEM.”


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